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Product and Subscription Queries


1.What are the documents to be submitted and what are the important fields to be entered in Customer Application Form?

You can submit a photocopy for one of the address & identification proofs: Citizenship Card or Passport with address details issued by the Government of Nepal.
All fields in the form are to be filled; however, following are the important fields to be filled in the customer Application Form: Name, Address, Date of Birth and Proof of identification provided at the time of registration as well as two recent passport size photographs.


2.Would there be an exchange scheme for handsets? OR can I upgrade to another handset?

Currently we do not have any handset upgrade option with the prepaid service. However, in future, when we decide to have the handset upgrade option, we shall announce through relevant media channels.


3.Can I change my mobile number?

Only at the time of subscription, you select from the range of numbers available at the outlet. There is no separate request you can submit to change the mobile number.


4.How do I get the prepaid service activated?

Please insert the U-SIM card into your phone and the phone will be activated once the distributor confirms that your documents are in order. You can then start using the service.


5.How can I get roaming service activated?

The roaming service is already activated on your pre-paid phone and you can roam throughout Nepal where UTL has coverage. You will be able to make and receive calls as long as you have sufficient balance in your account.


6.How is U-SIM based prepaid service by UTL different from GSM SIM based prepaid service?

There is not much of a difference between them except for the technology on which the network/handsets have been designed.

7.Can U-SIM cards be used in GSM handsets and SIM cards be used with CDMA handsets?

You cannot use the U- SIM card in a GSM network and vice-versa.


8.What do I do if my U-SIM card is damaged or lost?

You need to visit our Customer Care Center, carry along with you an identity proof and the damaged U-SIM card. You will have to fill up a ‘Change of U-SIM’ and a new U-SIM card will be provided. All your details will be retained and your services will be activated with the new U-SIM card. You have to submit requisite fee as per the requirement.



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