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Recharge and Validity
1. Recharging Your Account

Dial 1222 from your UTL prepaid phone and follow simple instructions.

  • Gently scratch the silver strip on the ‘Recharge Card’ to reveal your 15 digit PIN number.
  • Dial 1221 from you UTL prepaid phone and follow the simple voice instructions.
  • Enter 15 digit PIN code of your recharge card when requested.
  • Your UTL’s prepaid service is automatically recharged and your new balance and validity is played to you.
  • Please do not share your PIN printed on recharge card, with any person before recharging your account to prevent misuse.

2. Balance Enquiry, Balance Transfer

Dial 1222 from your UTL prepaid phone and follow simple instructions.


3. Main Menu

You can access main menu of UTL’s Pre-paid system and services. Recharging of the account and balance enquiry/transfer facility is also available through Main Menu of Pre-paid system. Apart from recharging and balance enquiry/transfer the facility available in the Main Menu are as follows:

To access Main Menu:
Dial 1223 :
  • Press 1 for Recharge your pre-paid account.
  • Press 2 for Balance Enquiry of your pre-paid account.
  • Press 3 for Service information.
  • Press 0 for Operator assistance.
4. Recharge Card Validity
Recharge Amount
Validity Period
Rs 50
30 days (1 Month)
Rs 100
60 days (2 Months)
Rs 250
120 days (4 Months)
Rs 500
270 days (9 Months)
Rs 1000
540 days (18 Months)
For assistance please dial (01)2222222. Kindly retain the recharge card with you for further reference.


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