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Internet through Fixed Phones

UTL is providing High Speed Internet Service in your fixed phones also. If you are a UTL Fixed Phone Subscirber and you want to take the internet service, then please visit your nearest UTL Customer Care Centers for the service activation.

The requirement for using internet from UTL's Fixed Phones is
  • Fixed Phone having a modem
  • A data cable for connectivity between your fix phone and computer.


Different Internet Scheme Available for Fixed Phones Users:
1. Unlimited 24 hour Surfing for 30 days
  • Rs. 500 per month (to be paid in monthly basis)
2. Unlimited 24 hour Surfing for 365 days
  • Rs. 5000 per year (to be paid on yearly basis)
3. Unlimited 24 Hour Night Surfing  for 30  days (from 8 pm to 8 am)
  • Rs. 300 per month (to be paid in monthly basis)
4. Unlimited 24 Hour Night Surfing  for 365  days (from 8 pm to 8 am)
  • Rs. 3000 per year (to be paid in yearly basis)
All above charges are exclusive of 13% VAT.
For activation of service for the first time, customers are requested to visit the nearby Customer Care Centre

Postpaid Subscriber has to pay the charge according to the scheme during the time of service activation. Once the service period is over, then their internet service gets automatically disconnected from their phone. Further, if they want to extend their service again, then customer must visit the Customer Care Center again.

If Customers want to take a service for more than a defined period above, then you can also deposit a prepayment for the required period. For example: if you want to take an 24 hours unlimited surfing internet for 3 months, then you can make a payment of Rs 500*3 (exclusive of 13% VAT) at the time of service activation and enjoy the uninterruptable service for 3 months.

For any other enquires, please dial 01-2222222 or visit neaest Customer Care Centers


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